Portable 4L Mini Car Refrigerator Home Traveling Mini Fridge Freezer Cool Box Warmer Refrigerator Fridge for Outdoor Travel

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Product description: 
Unlike an ordinary domestic refrigerator, electronic refrigerators do not use the mechanical compression refrigeration. Instead, they adopt electronic (semiconductor) refrigeration. Therefore, they do not cause pollution, and the power supply is an in-vehicle power supply that can be inserted into a car cigarette lighter.  

1. Plug and play. 
2. Wide range of uses: in long journeys, iced drinks/fruit preservation/heating foods are all available; 
3. Good thermal insulation: even if the plug is unplugged, it can keep warm or cold for a long time; 
4. With magnetic stripe, better heat preservation and sealing; 
5. Small size, easy to store between the front seats or on the armrest box, can also be placed on car seats or in the trunk; 
6. Cooler/warmer conversion switch; 

1. Banquet by the lake, picnic, camping 
2. For taxi drivers 
3. For drug cold preservation 
4. For fresh milk cold preservation 
5. Self-driving tour 
6. Boat or fishing 
7. On station wagon 
8. For cosmetics cold preservation 

Instructions for use: 
Set to the swtich to "off" position, plug one end of the wire into the cooler outlet and the other end into the cigarette lighter of the car. 
Cooler: set the switch to COOL position and the green light will illuminate, indicating the cooling function; 
Warmer: set the switch to HOT position and the red light will illuminate, indicating the heating function; 

Capacity: 4L 
Color: blue 
Size: 18 x 23 x 30cm/7.09 x 9.06 x 11.8" 
Material: plastic 
Power: 50W 
Input voltage: 220V (home)/12V (car) 
Fuse: 10A 
Heating temperature: up to about 65℃ 
Refrigerating temperature: lower than ambient temperature around 15-25℃ 

For correct use, please read the following precautions carefully. Improper use will result in damage to the refrigerator or human. 
1. Prevent the fan from blocking, because its blocking will accelerate heating and cause fire. Do not put wool, cloth or other items on the refrigerator. 
2. The plug of the wire must be installed properly, otherwise it will cause heating and damage of the wire and plug, and even cause fire. 
3. Put it away from flammable materials and wet places to prevent explosions and fires. 
4. Do not suddenly turn on the heating function during cooling nor suddenly turn on the cooling function during heating (turn the switch to OFF for 30 minutes before switching cooling/warming) 
5. Do not rinse with water. Do not invert. Prevent collision and vibration.



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