Inflatable Car Bed

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Name: Inflatable Cae Bed

Folded Size: 25X22X10cm
Expand Size: Length 135-145cm; width 85-90cm, mattress thickness 8cm
Adaptation drag mat height: 38cm
Material: Composite flocking breathable bed, environmentally safe
Net weight: 4.2kg
Gross weight: 5kg
Packing: 1pcs / box
Box Size: 49X42X56cm
Suitable models: Universal
Products subject by dragging the bed pad in two parts, with ten air chambers, each room has a small hole in communication with chamber
Home Car electric air pump.
Free, warm, comfortable, safe, and above all five cars GM!
Sleeping on the couch journey, she refused to fatigue driving, to give children a safe play space for long-distance driving necessary!
1, the product is non-life-saving equipment, water can not be used to play or lifesaving;
2, the ambient temperature in the car used was -18 to 50
3, in the use of cigarettes or avoid contact with sharp objects, so as not to damage the mattress;
4, when using two inflatable inflation port Layer 2 gas nozzle to ensure tightened to avoid leakage;
5, in the case of a leak, you should carefully check the leak site with detergent or check the leak site, can be found after the repair sheet material within the package cut to the appropriate size, with glue;
6, see inflated electric air pump for use;
7, within 10 hours after inflation leak is normal natural phenomenon, such as the continued use of qi again

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