Stick-On Strapless Wing Bra Colour: Black
Size: D
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Features: 1. Soft and natural silicon cups with viscose inside cups for different styles and designs. 
2. Easy to apply, easy to remove and is guaranteed to stay on securely. 
3. Instantly becomes a part of you with total freedom and flexibility of movement 
4. Easy to wash, Hypo-Allergenic, Re-usable 
5. Ideal for backless and strapless 
6. Great for evening dress, wedding dress, swimwear and so on How to Put on Your Bo Bra: 
1. Clean your breasts with soap and water.
2. Make sure the area is dry and do not use any moisturizers or perfume before applying. 
3. Remove the plastic from the back of the nu bra and place on your breasts. 
4. Turn over the nu bra edge and find out the central point of the nu bra and the beast height you want; 
5. Hold your breast up before placing the cup on, starting with the underneath of your breast first and then pressing the bra onto the top part of your breast; 
6. Repeat the same steps to put on the other bra and keep them in one height. How to Clean Your Bo Bra: 
1. Hold one of it in hand 
2. Hand wash with soap and lukewarm water. 3. Wash it slightly. Do not leave to soak in water. 4. Do not use washing machine, brush and nail otherwise will destroy the viscose 
5. After wash, leave it to air-dry. Do not wipe it by towel. 6. Put the nu bra back in its plastic cover, dust will reduce the adhesive's effectiveness.


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