Toilet Trainer ( ORI BRANDED )

Colour: Blue
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3-in-1 : Potty / Stepped-up Toilet Seat / Toilet Training Seat


Potty : On its own, Kidskit toilet trainer can be placed on the floor for use when the child is ready for toilet-training.


Stepped-up Toilet Seat : When the child finds the potty too small or when the child is ready to use the adult toilet, Kidskit toilet trainer can be re-assembled to facilitate as a ladder cum toilet seat. The toilet seat is placed atop the adult toilet seat to accommodate the child's safe sitting.


Toilet Training Seat : When the child is ready in height and do not need the ladder help, you can dismantle the steps and use the toilet seat on its own, atop the adult toilet seat !



• Removable potty

• Easy to clean & use

• Folds to fit in small space

• Stable & safe

• Rubber insert prevent slipping


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